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Serving the community of people with chronic illness

Creative Resilience in Action

If you want to craft an incredible life beyond chronic illness, I’m your babe. Since founding in 2005, I have taught countless people how to take charge of their lives post-diagnosis through my website, videos, membership program, speeches, and more. My first book, ChronicBabe 101: How to Craft an Incredible Life Beyond Illness, is a textbook for loving your life no matter how sick you are.

Drawing on decades of personal experience with fibromyalgia, anxiety, asthma, and other conditions, I teach with confidence and attitude—through consulting, keynote presentations, day-long instructional events, hands-on workshops, and online video meet-ups. For more than 26 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of organizations worldwide. As a speaker and consultant, I bring the same creative drive and passion for success to your project or audience.


collaboration is cool

Have an upcoming event that needs a speaker, a website that needs a refresh, or a project that requires the perspective of a patient advocate? Now is the time for us to connect.



Jenni has a level of domain expertise, an ability to provide the right message to the right audience in the right way (and spur them on to action), and an uncanny empathy that puts her in a rare category for me: people who “get it”. So much so that I’ve not only had her speak at my own industry events, but have brought her in as a subject matter expert and strategist on client projects. Willing to have hard conversations, always insightful and cogent, she’s a rock solid speaker and one of my favorite people.
— Russ Starke, CEO, Think Company
Jenni speaks like the wise - but super cool - older sister you always wished you had. Her professionalism and power is matched by her empathy and ability to engage an audience. If you have the chance to bring her to your people, don’t miss it. 
— Grace Quantock, TEDx Speaker, Writer, Depth Coach, founder of
When social media became an important element in our communications plan, we reached out to Jenni whom we regarded as a leader in the health space. She was included in many Johnson & Johnson videos posted on our YouTube channel and spoke at a number of our events. We always found her to be well-informed, accessible, and insightful - and creatively engaged with her audience. I have no hesitation in recommending Jenni as a great asset.
— Robert Halper, Former Director, Corporate Communications, Johnson & Johnson
ChronicBabe is just what patients with chronic illness need: a savvy voice of wisdom, insight, and encouragement from someone who’s been there!
— Laurie Edwards, author, In the Kingdom of the Sick: A Social History of Chronic Illness in America

How do I work?

It starts with people

Individuals with invisible chronic illness and disability often feel disenfranchised. My workshops, subscription services, YouTube channel, and ChronicBabe 101 book teach them to tell their own stories—to gain confidence and advocate for themselves. 

Non-profit organizations need help creating materials to educate their communities; I help them identify opportunities for real-life examples to teach, crafting compelling stories that make a difference. These include in-person speaking engagements, website content, workshops, and more.

Corporations sometimes need help with the nuances of those opportunities. I’m choosy about my clients, and I consult on best practices to help ensure connections are respectful and mutually beneficial—and that the stories of real people are heard and respected.

About Me

My name is jenni grover

Writing has been my passion since I was an itty-bitty girl growing up in Houston, Texas. My journalism degree from Northwestern University took me places I'd never imagined; Since 1995, I've called Chicagoland my home. (My clients, though, are all over the world!)

In 1997, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia; in the years since, I've added a handful of other diagnoses to my list. This body keeps me busy! Determined not to let chronic illness and disability get the best of me, I created—a community for women who wanted to feel babe-alicious despite illness.

With the training of an investigative journalist and the creative passion of a lifelong writer, I've transformed my career to help others like me...and ensure our stories make a difference in the lives of millions of people living with chronic pain and illness.

My newest work is all about Creative Resilience, and I hope you’ll join me!

Some of my clients, speaking engagements, and media appearances include:

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • Northwestern Medicine

  • INvisible Project

  • Abelson Taylor

  • Pfizer

  • UC Davis Medical Center

  • SXSW

  • HealthEVoices

  • BlogHer

  • College of American Pathologists

  • The New York Times

  • USA Today

  • Chicago Tribune

  • Crain’s Chicago Business

  • Chicago Reader