Relatability — Empowerment — Joy

Speaking to groups is one of my favorite ways to work. Something powerful happens when we’re physically present for each other—we create opportunities for deeper connection, vulnerability, and celebration, even when the topics are sometimes difficult.

Below are some of my newest and most popular talks. They can all be customized for your audience. I love creating brand-new talks, too, so if you don’t see what you’re dreaming of, get in touch so we can brainstorm some possibilities!

Ideal Audiences

Patient advocacy groups, health care organizations, corporations, colleges, non-profits, women’s organizations, health care professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs, community groups, churches.

Creative Resilience: Craft a Life You Love

What happens when we combine the power of creativity with the work of emotional healing? We learn faster. We create daily rituals that serve us for life. We foster connections with collaborative partners. And we enjoy ourselves through the process.

And I do mean process—it’s time for us to leave behind the idea that creativity is equal to a finished product. In this program, I teach attendees to begin to experience creativity as a daily process that can be applied to many areas of our life, which removes the pressure to complete a project. Participants learn how to increase their own quality of resilience, how to become more creative in numerous scenarios, and how to craft daily creative rituals for themselves. Available as a keynote presentation or an intimate hands-on workshop.

Acceptance: Making Friends with Illness

This keynote presentation shares my challenging journey toward acceptance of my chronic illnesses, with personal examples and lots of advice for practical application. Hosting a post-keynote Q&A makes it a stronger learning experience for attendees, who can ask me anything about my experience—and share a bit about their acceptance journey. The result is a stronger opportunity for bonding within a group, which makes this presentation ideal for smaller audiences. (I often give this talk at illness support groups.)

For clients who wish to create custom programming, I recommend this talk coupled with a workshop, which allows participants to process what they’ve heard in the first part of the event, and practice putting a plan into action when they go home.

Small Words, Big Impact

If you’ve spent any time in the chronic illness community (as either a patient or as a professional), you’ve surely heard at least one person’s story that was too long, too gory, too angry, too…everything. Listen—even this babe gets tired of hearing drawn-out tragic stories about chronic illness. While these experiences and feelings are valid, they can be a turn-off for others! We must learn to tell our stories succinctly, and with power, so that we are heard and taken seriously. We might even convince others to become an ally for our cause!

A truly fun group experience, this workshop teaches participants how to speak about their chronic illness experience with brevity and persuasiveness. Attendees learn how to seek appropriate outlets for expressing themselves, and how to craft their story in a way that fosters connection with others—and potentially convert anyone who listens into an advocate. Role playing at the end gives everyone a chance to practice and makes the process a real group adventure.

You Are Not Invisible

This lecture on assertiveness, designed specifically for people with chronic illness or chronic pain, will leave participants ready to take on the world. We begin by examining how a passive approach to our health-related experiences can keep us isolated and harm our spirits and bodies. Then we examine assertive language opportunities: what kinds of words to use, what situations might demand assertiveness, and how we might rally support in challenging circumstances. (I provide a handful of practical techniques.)

Like my Small Words, Big Impact presentation, You Are Not Invisible is most effective when it includes group participation. While some clients choose to host this as a lecture with a Q&A after, it also works great in a workshop setting with some hands-on role play.


Download a Speaker Flyer

Sometimes it helps to hold something in your hand instead of reading it on the screen. (This is especially true in meetings.) My speaker flyer includes some of my available talks, background information, and a comprehensive list of clients, speaking engagements, and media appearances.